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1. Pakistan's Ministry of Climate Change--2021-2022 (ongoing)

Logo of Pakistan's Ministry of Climate Change

About the Knowledge Host

Government agency tasked to mainstream climate change in the economically and socially vulnerable sectors of the economy and to steer Pakistan towards climate resilient development

In view of the strong commitments of ADB and the Government of Pakistan on the climate finance (adaption and mitigation), the ADB Pakistan Resident Mission (PRM) is designing and developing a country level dashboard (web portal) to track investments and manage climate change related knowledge and assessments at one centralize library.

A dashboard developer/Programmer (international consultant) was recruited to support the project. The consultant reports to the Associate Project Officer in PRM and will work closely with a national consultant (designer).

About the Knowledge Expert

Objective of the assignment: Dashboard Developer

The consultant is developing the Country Climate Investment Tracker (Web portal/dashboard). The dashboard will monitor country’s climate change trends and visualize its direct and indirect impacts. It will have the functionality to manage/document Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (CRVA) centrally and populate possible resilience options and mitigation plan. Likewise, it will serve as a platform for investment tracking of adaptation and mitigation finance at one centralize window at federal level. The dashboard will also have the capability to generate reports in line with the country target indicators and aligning investments to the commitments including Nationally Determined Contributions Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC’s), Climate Public Expenditures and Institutional Review, and Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV’s).