Previous and ongoing Knowledge Immersion Projects

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1. Teach for the Philippines (TFP)--2020 to 2021

 Teach for the Philippines (2021 to 2022)

About the Knowledge Host: 

Teach for the Philippines (TFP) was founded in 2012 with the goal of achieving education equity in the country, a future where all Filipino children have access to an inclusive, excellent and relevant education. TFP selects, trains and deploys young Filipino leaders to teach for two (2) years in public school under its Fellowship program and provides opportunities for them to continue working in education, government and policy and social reform as Alumni. In 2018, TFP extended its Fellowship program to existing itemized public school teachers through the Public School Teacher Pathway (PSTP) whom the organization envisions will grow into key leadership positions within the Philippine Department of Education. Currently, TFP has a team of 33 full-time staff and ~100 active Teacher Fellows/PSTP Teacher Leaders placed across 36 schools in 22 cities and municipalities nationwide. The organization also supports 164 program alumni, ~80% of whom remain engaged in Education work.  

As of current, TFP is wrapping-up its Central Data Bank (CDB) project and is transitioning to embed it into operations. The CDB is aimed at improving how common data points like participants’ and beneficiaries’ experiences that exist within the program are connected and shared by different function teams. The technology runs in the Google Sheet environment, coded using Google App Script and is transmitted to Tableau as our data dashboard. It has three main components:

(1) the Input Form; and

(2) Central Database; and

(3) Dashboard.

The same thinking and design apply to the Student Data Bank project that we are currently developing. The ultimate goal for these products is for us to measure growthacross time and/or identify associations and correlations across the disparate data sets.

 Knowledge Expert 1:Database Developer

 Objective of the assignment:

Build an end-to-end data management product that that will allow TFP function teams to connect and consolidate shared data across the participants and beneficiaries experience in the program. Mainly, this involves designing and implementing a new product for extracting “unique” function team data (e.g. Admissions data, Training and coaching data, Alumni data, Student data) and connecting it across all shared data points that exist within the program so we can measure growth across time and/or identify associations and correlations across the currently disparate data sets.

This product should be online, secure and have an intuitive user interface that will allow the end user (typically a function team head at TFP) to 1) upload his/her operational data into the system through automated integration of his/her team’s operational trackers (currently living in Google Sheets), 2) filter his end user’s view of the data based on shared data categories, 3) see connected data from other function teams’ trackers, based on his end user’s filter view and 4) generate reports based on these data connections/aggregation.


 Knowledge Expert 2: Systems and Data Analyst

Objective of the assignment:

Specific to this terms of reference and aligned with Teach for Philippines’ (TFP) strategy, the primary objective of the proposed assignment is to provide specialized TA to 
create and strengthen knowledge management and technical documentation for TFP’s data systems and operations. This involves conducting a review and technical
documentation of existing processes and technologies that the organization employs, including the (re)design of specific technology products and process improvements
on data management implemented by the organization. This is to ensure the successful creation and transfer of knowledge including but not limited to writing
comprehensive implementation guides, user manuals and assisting in the conduct of onboarding sessions to relevant stakeholders.