How to develop eCourse content

Content for any course (regardless of size - macrolearning, microlearning, or nanolearning) is always connected to the learning objectives.

Hence, you will need to determine what kind of materials the learner will need to achieve your learning objectives.

See sample table demonstrating how you may plan your content:

The biggest challenge in developing a microlearning course is the need to carefully select and limit content. Microlearning courses are meant to be concise.

Read the article below for general tips on how to keep things short.

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While you are free to create different types of ecourse materials, you are encouraged to consider developing video-based microlearning courses. Read the article below to find out why. .

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See useful materials below to help you start your video-based microlearning courses. 

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WATCH: Teaching tip: read from a script to make videos accessible (2:54)

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