How do I plan my full-length course?

Step 1: Evaluate the need for elearning - Decide whether or not eLearning is the best learning intervention to achieve your business requirements

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Step 2: Identify your target learners
 - Identify and profile your primary target learners in terms of geographic locations, type of organization, level of knowledge, access to and preferred ICT tools, time and workload constraints, hardware limitations, etc.

Step 3: Decide on the topic, sub topics and key messages
– Based on steps 1 and 2, and related research and knowledge and skills gap analyses, decide on your course topic. Identify the sub-topics and key messages for each. Under each of your sub topics, list the types and sources of content.

WATCH: Selecting learning materials (5:42)

WATCH: Great and not so great eLearning content (2:40) 
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