What are the steps in the Implementation (I) process?

  1. Set up the platform and test the flow and functionalities - Key questions: What Learning Management System (platform that can host the courses and can track learners’ progress) can be used? Is more accessible? Does the course flow as designed? Are the links and interactivities (activities the require online learner engagement) functional? Is user experience maximized?

  2. Identify activities to launch and market the course – Key questions to ask: What messages are included in the campaign? What channels will be used to effectively reach the target learners? What strategies can be used to sustain engagement and maintain contact with the learners? Are there pre-course activities?

  3. Create ways to manage course delivery – Key questions to ask:  How will learners register? How will they submit and evaluate their outputs? How will you motivate them to complete the course? How will you check and report on learners’ progress? How can you alert and continuously engage the learners? How can you motivate the laggards to participate?

WATCH: The ADDIE Model - Implementation (3:39)
 by J. Clark Gardner, Creative License Attribution 3.0

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