What are the steps in the Development (D) process?

  1. Source your content – Key questions to ask:  What materials are available for reuse? What materials are still needed?  Is there variety?  

  2. Match content with learning objectives – Key questions to ask: What information is needed to meet the learning objectives? Are the examples familiar? What are “must know” and “nice to know” information? What language and style should you adopt?

  3. “Chunk” or divide the content for easier absorption - Key questions to ask: How can the content be divided and sequenced to facilitate learning? How can the content be presented onscreen to avoid information overload? How can the activities be simplified and yet achieve learning?

  4. Simplify the multimedia and learning activity – Key questions to ask:  What multimedia format (e.g., videos, infographics, animation, etc.) is effective in facilitating learning? Are the activities simple and intuitive? What knowledge and skills are gained from the use of multimedia? From completing the learning activity?

  5. Develop your courseware or learning support – Key questions to ask: What authoring tool (software to package the elearning course contents and learning materials) can be used? What multimedia is available for reuse? What graphics need to be developed? Is there a need for audio support? Is there a need to develop interactive activities? How can content and learning materials be best packaged?    

WATCH: The ADDIE Model - Development (3:19)
(J. Clark Gardner, Creative License Attribution 3.0

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