What are the different forms of elearning?

elearning comes in different forms:

a. macrolearning – This is your usual elearning course that can run for several hours and even months. It consists of modules or chapters that build upon each other or aligned with a “story.” It can include activities such as individual or group exercises, and online interactions with a course facilitator or moderator. Learners need to commit time and resources to complete macro courses. 

b. microlearning
– This is often referred to as “bite-sized learning” or “learning in small steps.” Online learning content is packaged in short, easy to understand, and easy-to-produce formats or “learning nuggets” to provide just-in-time learning to improve performance. Microlearning courses can be accessed and completed using any device in as short as 1 hour to as long as 3 hours (Andriotis, 2016)

c. nanolearning
– This is even shorter than microlearning courses as it runs in 15 minutes or less. Nanolearning provides quick information addressing only 1 objective. Content is delivered through mobile devices and are reusable as it can be combined to create microlearning or macrolearning courses (Simmons, 2017 ).

WATCH: What are ecourses? (1:23)



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