How best to approach elearning?

Elearning is approached through:

  • Self-paced learning (Asynchronous) – These elearning courses allow you to access online learning materials any time at your own pace. Self-paced learning courses comprise activities such as online discussions, emails, blogs, watching videos, reading references, etc. 
  • Real-time and moderated learning (Synchronous) – These elearning courses have fixed start and end dates with set deadlines for assigned activities and may involve real-time interaction with an online moderator and/or co-learners. Activities comprise video or audio conferencing, real-time online discussions, polls, webinars, real-time case analysis workshops, etc.

There are cases when elearning is combined with face-to-face learning through the blended learning approach. This approach is used to:

  • level off the understanding of learners on basic concepts before they participate in the face-to-face training
  • build cognitive skills in topics that are not covered during the face-to-face training
  • continue peer-to-peer learning through online discussions and virtual learning activities 

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