How do I set my eCourse end date?

1. Setting my eCourse end date

It's important to set an eCourse end date even with the possibility of extending your learners' completion deadline. This keeps you focused on the need to evaluate your eCourse for quality control. More importantly, having an end date prevents you from neglecting your eCourse once it has been launched. 

ADB eLearn eCourse owners usually set an end date that:

  • Coincides with a training event.
  • Aligns with scheduled updates/changes in the content brought on by developments such as periodic revisions to policies or annual meetings/conferences.
  • Predicts the shelf-life of the eCourse content (how long will it remain useful) or
  • Allows learners to reasonably complete the eCourse.

You may, alternatively, think of your end date in reference to a period within the year--6 months or after a quarter. If you are confident that none of the eCourse content will need updating, you may set your eCourse end date to one year. 

The eCourse end date is followed closely by the eCourse evaluation which will be discussed in the next section.

If you need further guidance on setting an eCourse end date, please email the eLearning team with the message title: "Guidance on eCourse end date."