How do I attract and motivate my learners?

1. Attracting and motivating learners

One of the biggest challenges of eLearning is ensuring that your learners are motivated to take and complete your eCourse. Motivation may be achieved by offering them rewards (carrot) or exacting punishment (stick). You may chose one or the other or a combination of the two. In the end, everything depends on your type of learners and their inherent goals for completing your eCourse. So, make sure you know your eLearners well. The lists below provide examples of rewards and punishments.


Positive reinforcement can be used to justify the need for your eCourse. Knowledge for knowledge's sake may sound good but knowledge must serve a purpose. The importance of your eCourse will, ultimately, be gauged by its benefit to the learner. Here are some suggested rewards you may offer your learners:

  • Certificate of completion adds to a learner's skills and competencies (for more on ADB's Competency Framework for staff, please click here).
  • Completion automatically lets learner join the next face-to-face training with some funding support.
  • Compliance to career requirements at the learner's convenience (in lieu of face-to-face training).
  • eCourse completion makes learner eligible for employee incentives such as additional vacation leave days or permission to work from home. 


Sometimes, learners are motivated by threats of negative repercussions in not taking and completing your eCourse. The following are some possible punishments.

  • Ineligibility to join a face-to-face training program
  • Ineligibility to be issued a training program certificate if the eCourse is not completed alongside the face-to-face event.
  • Ineligibility to apply for a position in ADB or elsewhere.

For more guidance on motivating your learners, please send email to the eLearning team with the message: "Inquiry on motivating my learners."