What next steps can I take with my eCourse?

1. Next steps to take

Once your eCourse has ended, you may choose to:

1. Retain your eCourse as-is

Choose if: Learners are satisfied with all aspects of your eCourse. Learners are able to meet the learning objectives using the current eCourse materials. Subject Matter Expert suggests that it be kept as is without need for revisions.

2. Revise your eCourse

Choose if: You want to improve on your eCourse based on learner feedback, learner performance (if learners have a difficulty achieving the learning objectives with existing materials) and evaluation by the SME.

3. Archive your eCourse 

Choose if: There is no need for the eCourse to be offered at the moment. But  you intend to make the eCourse available to another set of learners at a later time. This is applicable for eCourses that are integrated into regular training events.

4. Delete your eCourse

Choose if: The eCourse is no longer useful and if its content has become obsolete. This may be a logical step if you need to make too many major changes to your eCourse that it would be simpler to just start from scratch.

5. Create a new eCourse

Choose if: You recognize a need to develop a new eCourse to fulfil a new set of learning objectives or to meet skills/knowledge gaps in your target learners.

For further inquiries or concerns, please email the eLearning team using the message title "Guidance on eCourse next steps."