When do I deliver my eCourse?

1. When to deliver an eCourse

One of the important decisions you need to make is when you will launch your eCourse. Working backwards with consideration for your technical requirements, you may draft your timeline based on your target date. You may ask yourself the following questions when deciding on your launch date: 

  • When do your target learners need to develop knowledge and skills from the eCourse and apply them? How much lead time do you need to give learners to complete the eCourse? 
  • Is there an important event you'd like to target as your launch date?
  • Is the eCourse part of a face-to-face training event? Is it a pre-requisite to attending the face-to-face training? Is it part of the face-to-face training event? Is it a post-event eCourse to extend training or share materials with those unable to attend?
  • When is it most convenient for your learners to take the eCourse? (You may need to consider their workload and vacation schedules.)

For questions or concerns regarding your launch date, please email the eLearning team with the message title: "Inquiry about eCourse launch date."