How do I deliver my eCourse?

1. eCourse delivery options

The delivery of an eCourse may refer to its interactivity. eLearning allows the learner to interact with one or a combination of the following:

  • eCourse materials 
  • the eCourse instructor
  • other learners

The simplest eCourse design limits interaction of a learner to the learning materials. Adding human interactivity (with learner and instructor or with learner and other learners or with learners and instructors) also adds complexity. This means having an instructor or moderator available for online sessions. 

eCourse delivery may also be connected to time or timing. There are two basic types of eCourses:

1.Self-paced or non-simultaneous eCourses allow learners to go through eCourse materials at their own convenience.

2. Simultaneous or scheduled eCourses which reflect real-time and requires learners to access materials at specific time periods. For example, a webinar brings together an eCourse instructor and the eCourse learners virtually through tools like video conferencing or online text messaging. 

At the moment, ADB eLearn only offers self-paced eCourses limiting learners to interact with eCourse materials. If you would like to explore other eCourse delivery options, please email the eLearning team  with the message title "Inquiry about eCourse delivery."