What kind of eCourse should I develop?

1. Length and scope of eCourse

Here are some considerations and recommended action to guide you when deciding on the scope and length of your eCourse. 

tips on length and scope of course

It's actually wise to keep your eCourse concise since most online learners expect quick and easy learning packages. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice important content. Instead, you should "chunk" content by coming up with a series of short, easy to understand and easy-to-produce formats or “learning nuggets” to provide just-in-time learning. Watch the video below for examples on how you can use bite-sized learning packages to meet your training needs.

WATCH: Microlearning (2:42)

Video by Odin Training, Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

If you need more guidance, please email the eLearning team using the message title "Guidance on scope and length of eCourse."