What resources will I need?

1. Support from SDCC-KC eLearning Team

SDDC-KC’s eLearning team provides advisory services to potential eCourse owners. Detailed below is the kind of support we offer.

Available services:

  • (eLearning) Training Needs Assessment—support on eCourse development decisions​
  • Guidance on eCourse design and content​
  • Support on evaluating iThenticate results
  • Advice on use of learning systems​
  • Recommendations on instructional design and overall approach to eLearning​
  • Referral of potential course owners to eLearning Contractors or Firms
  • Evaluation of output of hired eCourse developers
  • Mentoring  and guidance on eLearning, eCourse development, uses and applications of Moodle (the learning platform), etc.
  • Support on assessing effectivity of eLearning
  • Guidance on next steps (revise/update eCourse, archive eCourse, delete eCourse or develop a new eCourse)