How do I roll out or launch my eCourse?

1. Launching my eCourse

After completing your eCourse, you need to decide on the following:

1. Will your eCourse be open to everyone or will you limit access?

Open access eCourse

Advantage: Your eCourse can be accessed by any learner registered on ADB eLearn. 

Disadvantage: You have no control over who takes your eCourse.

Choose if: Content is NOT sensitive or classified and if the eCourse is designed for all types of learners.

Limited access eCourse

Advantage: You can control who has access to your eCourse through an access code which you can share with your target learners.

Disadvantage: You may need to monitor and grant/decline requests from interested parties who want to take the eCourse.

Choose if: Content is sensitive or classified and specific to a group of learners. 

2. Would you like your learners to do self enrolment or to let the  eLearning team manually enrol them?

Self enrolment

Advantage: Learners can easily enrol in the eCourse with just one click. 

Disadvantage: May cause challenges for learners who are not tech savvy.

Choose if: eCourse was designed for a manageable number of learners. 

Manual enrolment

Advantage: Convenient for your learners. They are automatically registered on ADB eLearn as well as enrolled in the eCourse.

Disadvantage: You need to provide the eLearning team with a list of your learners' names (what will appear on the eCourse certificate if applicable) and their email addresses. Learners may encounter technical issues since they are not familiar with steps taken to create their ADB eLearn accounts and register in the eCourse. (The most common issue encountered is forgotten password.)

Choose if: Your eCourse has a large number of learners, many of whom have not registered on ADB eLearn. (The eLearning team can do one-time enrolment for all learners.)

3. How will you announce the launch of your eCourse?

      Public announcement through online platforms

The Internet allows you to efficiently announce the launch of your eCourse through popular websites and social media platforms. You may even request that your eCourse be included among the featured courses of ADB eLearn. This will allow visitors to see it prominently displayed on the landing page as shown below.

featured courses

Advantage: Awareness of and interest in your eCourse are maximized.

Disadvantage: Public promotion may attract interest beyond your target learners.

Choose if: Your eCourse does not contain classified/sensitive information or if your eCourse is designed for a wide range of learners.

Targeted announcement 

You may select recipients of your announcement by sending out targeted messages via email or other means.

Advantage: Your announcement is sent only to your target learners.

Disadvantage: Awareness of and interest in your eCourse are limited to selected recipients of your announcement.

Choose if: Your eCourse contains classified/sensitive information or if it was designed for a specific type of learner.

For further guidance on how to roll out and launch your eCourse, please email the eLearning team with the message title: "Inquiry on eCourse roll out and launch."