Learner User Guides

Site: ADB eLearn
Course: Guides
Book: Learner User Guides
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Date: Friday, June 21, 2024, 2:51 PM

1. How to log in to ADB eLearn (ADB Users)

2. How to register for an ADB eLearn account (non-ADB users)

3. How to log in to ADB eLearn (External Users) | How to Reset Password (External Users)

4. How to access Courses

5. How to self-enroll to Open Courses

6. How to allow pop-ups in Google Chrome

7. How to enable Synchronous XHR in Google Chrome

8. How to Reactivate an eLearn Account

9. How to View Record of Learning

10. How to View Course Catalogue

11. How to Join Zoom Meeting Activity

12. How to Join Face-to-Face Activity

13. How to Add My Courses Block on Dashboard

14. How to Add Latest Badges

15. How to Acquire Certificate

16. Signup and Receive Email Reminder

17. How to Search for a Course (enrolled user)